Tuesday, October 25, 2011

my 10 favorite things about fall

For some reason, I've always disliked Fall and Spring.  I don't know why, but I think it has something to do with the fact that it isn't Summer or Winter.  I'm from Wisconsin, I like extreme weather.  :)  But anyways...

I was really tired of doing homework and I was reading other bloggers who were writing posts about their fave things in Fall.  Well, I basically hate it, so I sort of (in a fun way!) drag Winter back into Fall.  Helps living in Colorado where it snows in October. =D

I am also a picture addict.  This results in a blog post stuffed to the brim with pictures. :)  This obsession is released through my photography blog, which I haven't posted anything on in a while....moving on!

So here we go!! (these are in no particular order!)

1.  Hot Cocoa (well maybe this one is in order! :D)
Normally, I would just make basic cocoa and call it good, but this year I'm going all out.  My fave 'add-ons' (if you will) are peppermint (yummmmmy!!!!), mint (hehe seeing a pattern?), chili powder (I think this is what Bethany said, either which way, it's good!), whipped cream (of course!!), cinnamon, nutmeg (well of course I like THIS!), and vanilla.  And sometimes, I put them all together, which I'm pretty sure it equals XTRA YUMMMMM!!!!

2.  Pumpkins
Jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice cake, pumpkin lattes, must I go on??  Only since last year did I decide I liked pumpkin.  So this year I WILL find a way to ingest pumpkin spice cake (minus the gluten)!!!  

3.  Colors
I love fall colors.  Red, orange, yellow, but I'm sad that there's next to no green.  It's my favorite color, you know. :)  All fall colors look good outside, but they DO NOT look good on me.  Oh the sadness... :(

4.  My birthday
Hehe, yes.  My birthday is in November.  The best part of fall, actually.  AND I get to share it with a lot of other people. :)  Like my amazing cousin Kristen and Emma, who just rocks in general. :)

5.  Sweaters
I LOVE sweaters.  And jackets.  And I really REALLY want a leather jacket, but alas, I am broke. -sniff-  

6.  Fuzzy socks
Other than Hot Cocoa, this might be my fave thing of fall.  I love wearing them all the time!!!  Even non fuzzy socks in the fall and winter are freaking AMAZING!!!! :)

7.  Snuggling up and watch NOT scary movies
You guessed it.  I HATE scary movies.  No one, I repeat, no one, can convince me to watch them.  I am NOT making that mistake again.  

8.  Books
With it being to cold to go outside and actually do anything, it's the perfect time to grab hot coca, put on some fuzzy socks, and snuggle up with a good book.  I never understand why people say 'snuggle up with a good book'.  I mean, who wants to snuggle with a book???  Someone say paper cuts!!

9.  Hugs
I don't know if it's just me, but it seems that people will give you more hugs during the Fall and Winter.  Maybe because you're cold and you need to warm yourself up so when you hug someone, you warm up yourself and perhaps someone else.  Pretty awesome, huh?

10.  Chili
My mom makes the best chili EVER!!!  Hands down!!!!  I recently suggested we make a HEE-OOJ batch of it and freeze most of it so we can eat it ALLLLLLLL winter long. =D  If you can't tell, I love this!! :)

So there you have it.  My top ten fave (or like my only favorite) things about Fall.  I hope I didn't rupture your brain with all the pictures. XD  I did link them all at the bottom of the post, but it's an extensive list. :)  (if you lost count, the grand total of pictures is 31!!!)

One totally random thing I just thought of!!  I will -try- (remember-I am trying, not always doing) to post everyday if not ever other.  And stuff like this is just plain fun!! :)  Okay, end of randomness!!

If anyone does read this, I want to see YOUR top ten favorite things about Fall.  I love seeing things like this and it's pretty inspiring, I almost want to like it now.  

Have a FANTASTIC Fall!!!! :)

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