Thursday, June 5, 2014

living the life you want

We all have our own ideas of what a perfect life looks like.  What is one thing that they will always have in common?

Positivity and happiness.

Only the true sociopaths in this world would admit to never wanting love or a happy life.  I want a happy life, you want a happy life, we all want happy lives.
I'll be the first to say it; I cannot fathom living my ideal life today.  But I know how to start living how I want to live today.

Think positively. Because of what we are exposed to in our lives, it is common to think negatively about the world.  By trying to think more positively, we can relieve stress and anxiety about the negative because we just don't see it.  There is a fine line between being na├»ve and thinking positively.
Spend one day, just 24 hours, looking for the positive side of things.  It is not hard in theory, but it is more work trying it.

Break free from routine.  Change it up; go somewhere new for your daily cup of coffee, go for a walk during your lunch break instead of playing on your phone, meet new people and do new things.  Variety is the spice of life and we need to apply that.

Have no regrets.  Personally, I've probably spent the majority of my life worrying about what I've done and whether or not it was right or wrong or if I should've said yes or no.  Instead, we need to let it go.  Our lives our full of choices and once we make one, we must move one.  Say no, say yes.  Sing loudly in public places.  Go to that concert or festival that you've wanted to go to since you were a kid.  Spend your money on concert tickets or a new yoga mat.  Love with no regrets.  Stop waiting for 'the right moment' and start living.  What was done in the past is in the past; the only thing we can change is the future.

Live your life.  Don't worry, don't regret, love everyone, think positively, say you're sorry, travel, break free from routines and judgmental people.  Don't include people in your life who don't truly want to be there.  If they fight you, think your choices are wrong, or even hate little things you do, say no to them.  Just let them go.
Live happily.  Eat good food.  See nice people.  Do kind things for others.  Say I love you.  Wish only the best on people.  Live.

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