Saturday, June 9, 2012

my life in pictures (or videos...)

I finally edited the first ever vlog!!!  I had so much fun doing it and I'll try to do one every week (key word: try).

And for some fun exciting news!!

I'm done with school so I have some extra time on my hands.  With this extra time, I will be making a facebook page and (hopefully) a Twitter page for my blog!!  I'm super excited and I'll definitely share them with y'all as soon as possible.

Here's the video!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

breaking your own heart

We don't have to care about everything people say.

I know it seems like we do, we have to take it all in, believe it, understand everything about it.

Something I've learned is that not everything people say I have to listen to.

I used to sit there for hours, listening to everyone's problems and trying to fix them.  I wen to bed, crying for them and not for my own pain I had bottled up.  I started to figure out when people would want to complain to me.  Sometimes it was a 'how's life?' or 'how are you doing?'.  I used to be so prepared to give them advice, but now I know I can avoid it.

Why do I avoid people's problems?

It's not because I'm selfish and I want to complain about my own.  I just don't need to take everyone's problems as my own.

I guess, you're just breaking your own heart by taking everything personally.  Sometimes, it's hard to remember that people aren't always trying to hurt us because of something we did.  It might just be that they are going through something and they need to take it out on someone.

You don't have to be someone else's punching bag.  There is a fine line between listening and being a target.  If they want you to fix their problems, the line was probably crossed.

I'm not sure how this fits in or anything, but it bugs me when people are constantly saying the same thing over and over.  We can only hear so many times about the same problem before we want to fix it, which can actually lead to more problems.

I guess my point is that you don't need to take everyone's problems as your own.  You don't have to try and fix them.  Sometimes, when people say something mean to you, it's a reflection of them not you.  There is a fine line between listening and being the punching bag for someone.  If they need to release anger, they should literally go take it out on a punching bag or hammer nails into wood, or something.

There's my random ramble/blog post haha :P

Have a fantastic week!!!


Friday, April 27, 2012

goodbye lullaby

All I need is change

I'm sick of looking at the same things, eating the same food, reading the same books, watching the same tv shows and movies, wearing the same clothes, putting on the same makeup, doing my hair the same way, and routines.

I am so tired of routines and having everything be the same.

All I want is change.  If I can change, so many things would get better.

I've done the same things, looked at the same things, and been the same thing since I was a kid.  My routines hold memories that I hate.  Memories I want to forget.

I'm changing.  I'm changing everything.  I will not continue on with my normal life anymore.  It's so annoying and boring.  I want to be interesting.

So here goes my changes for this year.

1. Dye my hair red

2. Wear more dresses

3. Wear red lipstick and black eyeliner

4. Eat whenever I'm hungry and not care if I'll gain weight

5. Watch new movies

6. Wear whatever I want whenever I want and not care what I look like because I can

7. Get a new hair cut constantly

8. Visit different places and take lots of pictures

9. Carry my camera with me all summer

10. Wear bright colors and things I'd never wear

11. Make things just for the heck of it

12. Get over my fear of eating in front of people

13. Wear hats

14. Listen to new music

15. Speak my mind more and stop lying

16. Be free

17. Dream more

18. Ditch all routines and do things randomly

19. Stop holding grudges

20. Have fun and act crazy in public without caring what people think

21. Laugh more

22. Wear my hair up more

23. Care about things that mean something and learn to let go what doesn't

24.  Breathe

25. Exercise without developing an addiction again

26. Love life

I know that seems like a lot but I think it really needs to happen.  I just want to live life to the fullest and have fun while I'm at it.  I want to live a life God wants me to live and I highly doubt crying all the time and being isolated is part of that.

If you want, I'd love to hear what you're changing this year :)


Friday, April 13, 2012

i did it!!!

Look!!!  I filmed the video I said I would film!! :)  I am soooo super excited.

I find it kinda ironic that I talk about pressure to straighten my hair in the video yet my hair is straight.... coincidence....I swear

So yeah...haha here's the video :)

PS.  There's going to be a bloopers video at the end so don't forget to watch it :)

Thank you SOOOOO much for watching :) please listen to the show, I'd love it if y'all called in :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

exciting new stuff!

I apologize for not having written more, I've had a -very- hectic month.

Anyways...something really cool happened tonight and I'm waiting until tomorrow to let y'all know :)

I know, I'm evil.

But, it's because I think I'm going to do a video instead of writing.  The reason is because it's really super personal to me and I'm really excited.  :)

Here's a quicky overview of what I'll talk about:

I bought Seventeen at the grocery store last week and I really like them because they don't fill it with super skinny photoshopped models.  They have real girls with real bodies and real lives.  It's cool :)  My sister was sitting in my room doing homework with me and she look at it and she goes, 'Wow, she's so real.'  (Referring to Jennifer Lawrence)  It was so neat to hear her say that.

So yeah, be expecting a video, if I'm not too tired to film it because I have TCAPs this week. :(

Have a fantastical evening and day tomorrow! :)


Monday, March 5, 2012

be free

I have a problem where I'm constantly sticking to rules, not changing, and trying to blend in.

Today I realized something: I don't need to blend in.  I'm free to be me.  God made me special and if people don't like what He made, they'll live with being quiet.

I feel like I should be writing this post in the summer or something.  I always associated being free with Pocahontas and summer.

But I am so sick of conforming to who society and the world wants me to be.  I am free to be whoever I'm supposed to be.

God knows who I'm supposed to be.  As long as I'm what He wants me to be, there's nothing wrong with me.  The world will be okay without one more rail thin, straight haired, gorgeous model in this world.

Though it's hard for me to be different, I've always wanted to be different.

I've changed who I am so people will accept me.  I used to straighten my hair all the time because people thought curly hair wasn't pretty.  Whoever they are, really don't know who Taylor Swift is. :)

But honestly, we're all different.  Sure we can try and be carbon copies of everyone else, but we're all different.  No matter how hard we try to be the same, we never can be.  We were meant to be unique and special.

So go be free and have an amazing week :)


Monday, February 27, 2012

a year of change

I'm the person who likes routines and not change.  I hate change.  I hate it with almost a passion.

I get so distracted, I was looking for pictures of Harry Potter books and I sat for an hour looking at hundreds of HP

Anyways...I'm compiling a list of things that I want to do in a year.  So here it goes:

1. Dye my hair red

2. Re-read the Harry Potter Series

3. Find myself

4. Organize my entire room and keep it that way

5. Get my braces off

6. Own a Polaroid camera

7. Let someone (unrelated to me) hear me sing and play my guitar

8. Learn vibrato

9. Cover one wall in my room entirely with pictures

10. Play hide and seek in Ikea

11. See how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop 

12. Decorate my whole room in white snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.

13. Drive backwards through a drive through.

14. Grow my hair really long.

15. Order dessert first at a resturant.

16. Attend a wedding.

17. Write 100 songs

18. Finish my novel

19. Finish my shampoo and conditioner at the same time

20. Memorize the alphabet backwards

21. Go to Starbucks and order under a fake name (preferably under a name from Harry Potter)

22. Go to a Green Bay Packers game. 

23. Throw a surprise party for someone

24. Learn the difference between a pedicure and a manicure and go get both done

25. Make $100 at a garage sale

26. Go see a real ocean

27. Make, and eat (not the -whole- thing), a seven layer cake.

There's what I to accomplish in the next year.  I'm pretty determined. :)  If y'all want to help me accomplish this, let me know because I honestly don't want to go drive backwards through a drive through on my own.  And afterwards we get seven layer cake :)

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