Friday, November 11, 2011

if you don't smile, who will?

I had a request to write a blog about ways to make someone smile.  :)  See I just did! Haha.

Anyways, I'm starting to notice that a lot of my posts have to do with smiling.  But that's okay since it's a very important part of life. :)

Well, this person gave me three things to start off with, but then I thought I could come up with more.


So please note that I have not tried everything on this list, but they sound like good ideas.

1.  Smile.
Yep, if you yourself smiled, someone else will smile just from looking at you.  :)

2. Give a hug
The awesome person who gave me this blog idea gave me this one. :)  But seriously, hugging someone could make them feel sooooo much better.  That's why I get hugs a lot. :)

Hugging has been proven to have health benefits. One study has shown that hugs increase levels of oxytocin, and reduce blood pressure.[5]

Hmm, I hope wikipedia is right on this!!!

I found a lot of odd info about hugs (for example: the Christian side-hug.  I'm totally serious.  There's even a song...)  Now I want to write a post about hugs.  -sniff-  I'm staying up until 12 so it counts as tomorrow when I write it. :)

3.  Crack a joke
But please no gross ones because that just makes people want to be sick.  And that is NOT smiling. :)

4.  Hold the door
I know.  I'm getting weird looks from you.  Stop that! :)  Holding the door for someone is a sure way to get a smile.  Only on rare occassions have I not gotten a smile outta that.  And old ladies will either thank you and tell you how nice you are on the way to the elevator, or just give you an evil eye.  Moving on now.....

5.  Put a quarter (or whatever the heck they take) in someone's parking meter.
Not just randomly.  Like if someone's is running low, put something in it.  (don't blame me for not knowing.  I don't have my license yet!!  Ooh, but today, I'm only two years away! (well 1 from my permit)) That was a long ramble. :)

6.  Shovel your neighbors driveway
Now I have actually tested this one.  You can also shovel your whole street's driveways and sidewalks. Just be warned, if you have unique patterns on your shoes, you can be caught! (oh and when I was looking for pictures for this, I found articles on how to shovel snow.  That's sad if you don't know how and you google it!)

(picture below: yes, the Green Bay Packer fans are so flippin' amazing.  We shoveled Lambo field. :D)

7.  Smile and wave, smile and wave
This one, I also tested.  If you smile and wave at someone in a car, you're very likely to get one (them? two?) back.  Seriously, go wave at a little girl in a car.  She'll laugh and wave back.  Or at least that always happens in my experience...

8.  Make them hot cocoa
No this has NOTHING to do with my obsession with hot cocoa.  It just tastes so good!!  And it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

9.  Presents yay!!!
Pft, no this has nothing to do with my birthday.  I'm actually serious this time. :)  Anyways, if you wrap up a present and give it to someone, you'll make them smile because they know that you thought of them.  Or send them a card for no reason.  Once I got a card like that, for no reason (well, I got it at my surprise party.  In October.  Yep, don't ask.  Or maybe do ask....) and it still makes me smile.  I will die with that card. :)

10.  Listen
Sometimes the one thing that will make people smile, is just to listen.  It's pretty easy.  You take duct tape and rip a piece off. You stick it over your mouth and shut up. :)

I shall now conclude.....

Who am I kidding?  Blogging is addictive. :)

Oh what the heck, being my birthday, I'm feeling generous. :)  So bye-bye!!!

PS.  Thanks reader for the idea. ;)


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