Wednesday, October 26, 2011

artistically me

I have a confession to make.

I think I'm obsessed with blogging.

I'm serious.

But I guess it's not that bad of an obsession, right?

Last night, I sat for almost an hour coming up and finding blog ideas.  That's how crazy I am for blogging.  Pretty fun though.  It was really hard trying to narrow them all down to one idea.  Doesn't seem hard?  Well, it is.

Anyways...I decide on one.  One that's really fun and it gives me an excuse to post pictures!!!!! :)

15 Things you didn't know about me
I think I'm liking lists like this... :)  These are really random and slightly weird.  If it scares you, well that's just me.  :)  Enjoy!

1.  I'm a total tomboy
I told this to someone the other day and she was like 'no way?!  I would've never guessed.'  So that's something I don't hear everyday.

2.  I like wearing dresses
I know, after hearing 1, it's a little unexpected.  But I really do.  Just not during the winter when I freeze my legs off.

And yes, expect me to be wearing them with converse. :)

3.  I hate writing with pencils
Don't call me weird.  For some reason whatsoever, I absolutely despise writing my homework and taking notes with a pencil.  I am forced to do math with one, but I tend to avoid them at all costs.

4.  I have been on fire
Well, more or less.  My friends and I were playing minute to win it.  You had to roll yourself up in toilet paper and whoever had the most on them won.  Soooo, long story short, I was standing next to a candle and the toilet paper starting to unravel and then after that, we quit using toilet paper.  D:

5.  I really don't like it when people gossip
I know that most people (hopefully all!) hate this too, but I hate it more than I hate wearing flowers and writing with pencils.  So it's a pretty big hate.

6.  I dance around my room
And no one knows.

7.  I'm afraid of falling
I don't try because I dont want to fall down and get hurt.  I missed an audition because I didn't want to fall.

8.  I write songs
Hehe, I can't say I'm good, but I try! :)

9.  I've moved away too many times
I've moved so many times as a kid, I was afraid to have friends that actually lasted.  Some of my friends that I knew in Illinois, I still talk to now.  But most of them are from here.  Just letting ya'll know, I'm not leaving!! :)

10.  I would love
To be a model.  To look like one.  To actually like having my picture taken.  But aslas, I highly doubt this will happen . -sniff-

11.  I've never eaten a York patty
Yep, never had one.  Everyone keeps telling me to, but I've just never gotten around to eating one.  I've eaten a Klondike bar, do those count?  Wait, no!!  I haven't eaten one of those either!!!!! :(

12.  I thought green eggs and ham were real...
I did.  When I first read the book and up until I was seven or so.  I was really, really, sad when I learned they weren't real.  But someday, I will make them real.  Just wait...

13.  I'm always cold in the winter.
Pretty obvious, but I am never, ever warm in the winter.  It's kind of sad, and cold.  That's why I wear fuzzy socks. =D

14. I hate birthdays
Don't call me a hater.  I have good reasons.  I know it's 'your day' and all, but isn't that also what they call your wedding??  Also, when it's my birthday, I get attention from people that I don't normally get and that makes me uneasy.  Like, I hate going to to my own birthday parties....which doesn't work so well when you get a surprise party.....hmmmm.....

15.  I'm Artistically Me
You heard it.  I'm me.  In an artistic way.  Thus the name of my blog. :)

Pictures from:
Candle pic by me 
Last pic by me.

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