Tuesday, November 22, 2011

lets run into wall, shall we?

I'm really sorry for not posting often. I feel terrible for not posting in like two weeks.  Now it's like I let you down.  That's a sad feeling...

Here's my excuse for not writing:

Over the holidays I wasn't all entirely home and when I was I was sleeping.  I think the past three days I was always at my friends/neighbors house.  Wensday I went to Operation Christmas Child.  That was fun. :)  Thursday, felt odd not going to orchestra.  But we went to the Thanksgiving service at church (I kept trying to type Christmas.  I'm really excited for Christmas.  Mainly because I found the awesomest present for someone! =D) and came back home to get the pies.  Darn you gluten allergy!! :(  Then we went over to our friends house (the one I was at all break) and watched the Packer game.  Go Packers!!!!!!!! =]  (We won.  As usual.  Oops!!  Ignore that.  I don't want to jinx it!!!)  I didn't come home from there (well, except to get everything my mom forgot (for some reason, she insisted on sending me over to get one thing at a time with a few minutes break in between.  who forgets all of that??  (btw, what the heck is a saucepan?? (I think I have too many sub (()) (I can't remember what they were called!! (ooh I just asked my mom and told her they looked like smile lines (parenthesis, if you were wondering)))))) until like 11.  Friday, we went to the lights thing in downtown Littleton (Yus, I can't remember).  That was sooo much fun!!! :)

I just wrote a giant wall of text.  I read once ( i can't find where! (oh shoot, here I go again! (these things are fun...(:)))) that you're not supposed to do that.  Oh well.  I write a lot.  I think if I blog large walls of text (I know I'm not supposed to do that.  Sshh!) then I won't talk so much.  Now won't that be fun! :)

So, I'm kinda in a rut.  I'm sorta stuck on what to write.  (down two paragraphs (or one (it's the last 'real' paragraph before the list starts (I'm at it again!))))

I've gotten different suggestions over the past couple days as to what I should write.  First, coffee.  That would literally be a love hate post.  No explanation needed.  Second, ANOTHER list.  But not really specific list ideas.  And I think ya'll might be (should be...) sick of all my lists by now.  Hey, that rhymed!

Anyways...I'm not going to continue on that.  But I'm sort of stuck on what to write.  So I'm making a list.  I know, it's my favorite thing to do.  Haha, it's also what I do when I'm not sure what to write on.

1.  Sweaters
It's winter and I love wearing sweaters.  Once Christmas is over, I'm going and buying sweaters.  I want like all of the sweaters in the second pic. Haha. :)

2. Christmas Trees
I love Christmas trees.  I'm just allergic to them.  Minor details. :)

3.  Kisses
No, not THAT kind.  I mean like the chocolate ones.  I like the tinfoil.  Especially when it's all wrapped up in the green foil.  =D  I like green...

4. Blankets
I love big cozy blankets with big cozy sweaters (see 1).  They make me feel all warm and fuzzy, and I really am warm. <3 (I did have some slight (very minute, I swear) trouble finding pictures of big cozy blankets  Why????????)

5. Pizza
I love pizza!!!!! :)  It's so stinkin' good.  I really love how nice it is.  But I don't really love gluten-free pizza crust.  Like, it tastes somewhat similar.  But not really.  Probably has SOMETHING to do with the fact that it's really not as greasy as normal pizza.  =D

6.  Lamps
If you hadn't noticed, I'm randomly coming up with random stuff.  Haha :)

7. Knitting
My grandma taught me how to knit when I was seven.  I found it annoying and boring.  But now it's fun and it keeps my hands warm! =D  I am currently (very slowlyyyyyy....) knitting a scarf.  It's warm. :)

I'm ending there.  I know it's an odd number.  :)  I wanted to go to ten but then I ran out of ideas.

Oh, this will sound very odd.  Just a warning.  But keep my computer in your prayers.  It basically has my life on it and if it dies, I'm doomed.  Here's the whole story.  The battery in it was old and dying so I had to get a new one.  Well, I'm now on my second new battery (make sense of that! :) and whenever you unplug my computer (it's a laptop, duh!) it dies immediately.  That's not supposed to happen!  I'm sad and I'm going to have to take it to the Apple store.  Let's hope it doesn't cost a ton of money!!! :(

Okay, anyways, moving on....

I'm making myself post every single day for the next two weeks to makeup for the missed two weeks of sad, depressing, lost, postless, two weeks.  :)

Enough of that drama.  Thanks for reading!  =D


Saturday, November 19, 2011


I wasn't going to blog today, since Friday's/Saturday's (it was posted at 1:24 Sat, though I started writing on Friday) was so long.

But then I came up with this great idea.

Well, somewhat of a good idea.

I find pictures really inspiring, they make me come up with my blog ideas.  Why not post about my inspiration?  It's right up my alley.

I guess I'm going to post this as a sort of a question and answer post.  Hope it teaches you something or helps, I'm not sure what it'll do.  Hope it does something. :)

Q. Where do you get your pictures?
A. I get them from various websites, when I google them.  But more specific websites I use are deviantart and we<3it.  I just discovered delicious.  I'm still looking for more websites.  I really love we<3it and I'm looking for similar sites.  If ya'll know of any sites like that, please let me know.  I'd love to check it out! :)

Q. What are your favorite type of pictures?
A.  Vintage, washed out, things like that.  I love vintage images.  Kinda ironic because I make my photo manipulations really dark and scary.  Sometimes, I want to find lonely, sad, pictures.  But I'm not always into that.  Mostly just vintage.  :)

Q. Why do you include so many pictures in your posts?
A. It's kinda easy.  I love pictures so of course I would include a ton of them.  I love pictures.  Also, when I look for one or two pictures, I always find a lot of other pictures that I like so much and I just have to put them in too.  So yes, that's why.  I'm obsessed.  But it's a good obsession.

Okay, so I ran out of questions to ask myself.  Haha. :)  Now be inspired by these pictures!!!!!!!! =D

That's all I got. :)  Bye-bye for now ! =D


Thursday, November 17, 2011

50 things I won't hold you to reading

My mom and I are having a competition.  I've been working on a post about how all of Taylor Swift's songs relate to my life.  I know some of ya'll don't like her music or whatever, but I do.  You'll get over it. :)

Edit: So I was reminded by my mother that I forgot to say what the competition was.  So she wanted to do it too, you know how I'm writing about how they relate to me, well that's what she's doing.  She thinks the songs relate more to her, but I think they relate more to me.  Now, she's saying she doesn't have anytime to do it.  I think she's admitting I won.  =D

11. 13. 199.

I know I haven't posted in a while, I am waay to busy.  :(  But now I will post!!

One of my favorite parts of blogging, is getting to add the awesomest pictures. :)  I am working on broadening where I get all my pictures from.  Right now, I'm currently obsessed with weheartit.  It's a really cool website.  Most of the pictures on this post are from there. :)

Now I want to write a post about how to find pictures for blogging!  Though I highly doubt anyone will benefit from that.  But you never know! :)

As you might have noticed, I like making posts about my favorite things, top _ things, stuff like that.  Today, I'm kind of stuck on what to write about so you're getting one of those.  But....

I'm so stuck on what to write about, I can't even come up with a list of things. XD  Now THAT'S what I call writers block. (or bloggers block.  Try saying that five times fast! Easy, huh?  Do it thirteen times.  Yep, uh huh.  You can't do it can ya?  Mwehehehe! (wow, I just realized how insane I sounded.  Ignore that...))

I now creating a list of random things.  I am that awesome. :)

1.  11.  13.  199.
My lucky/favorite numbers (Being born on 11.11 is pretty darn lucky if you ask me!).  Like, whenever something really awesome happens, it's one of those numbers.  I wish I could think of an exact example, but my mind is somewhere else.  So I'm typing mindlesslyyyyyy. :)

2. Red hair
For some reason, I've always wanted to have red hair.  I have no idea why, but I do.  When I was younger, in some pictures, it actually looked like I had it highlighted red.  One picture (it's the first one below) it looks red(sorta!)! And I didn't edit it.  :)  Yeah, so I'd love to have red hair. :)

3.  Drowning
My worst fear, is drowning.  I will never drown.  I hate the thought of it.  Now I will go swimming, but I will not drown.

4. Hot air balloons
I've always wanted to ride in one.  But I have a problem with heights.  Like a phobia.

5. Root beer
My all time fave soda.  So yes, I like it a lot.  :)

6.  Lonely
I feel so alone sometimes.  It's like there's nothing else in this world but me.  Really sad.  So that's when I go and read the optimism post on my blog. :)

7.  Princess
Ever since I was little, I've thought princesses were stuck-up damsels in distress who relied on men to take care of them because they were too dainty to get dressed themselves.  I was a very strongly opinionated child, thanks for noticing. :)  Even though Disney has warped what princesses are, I still always wanted to be a princess and find her Prince Charming.  But the whole stuck-up thing made me a tomboy, and now, I'm starting to not like princesses again. =D

8.  Siri
My mom got the new iPhone when it came out and let's just say we've asked Siri some odd questions.  Like one time I asked her "how do I kill someone?" and she referred me to a mental institution and brought up maps to seven different places.  Funny, eh?  I also asked her how much she costed.  She responded by saying "if you don't know how much you payed for something, maybe you shouldn't have bought it."  Harsh.

I missed Judgment day. (actually, I wasn't born...)

9.  Bottles
(I warned that this was random!) I really like bottles.  No two bottles are exactly the same (Yes, I know root beer bottles are all made with a machine, blah, blah, blah.  Way to steal my moment!:)  and I like the colors.  So there's my speech about bottles. :)

10.  Kitties!!!
No matter how allergic I am to them, kitties are just so freakin' cute!!! :)

11.  Hearts 
I like hearts.  No.  I LOVE hearts.  :)

This one doesn't have a heart in it, but it came up when I was looking for pictures and it's just so dang sweet! :)

12. Pink
I hate pink.  Yep, I know.  I'm a girl who hates pink.  I can't believe I'm putting pink pictures in my blog.  I'm going crazy.

13.  Kit-kats
I love kit-kats. :)  They taste so good and they make that awesome crunch sound.

14. Shorts
My fave thing to wear.  And I'm in love with my boots.  :) (see next post!)

15. Cowboy boots
As mentioned above, they're one of my fave things to wear.  :)

I really wanted to end with 13 things.  You know, 'cause it's one of my lucky numbers. :)  But I sorta failed.....

My mom and I are having a contest (more or less).  She stole my blog idea (yep, she did.) and so now she's writing a post about how Taylor Swift songs relate to her life more than mine.  But I'm going to win this.  So keep reading for more info.  I'm gonna win this thing!!!!! =D

Tata for now! :)


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