Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I become obsessed with tv shows.  Like to the point of I lock myself in my room for days on end watching every episode on netflix while crying in my pajamas and holding a bowl of popcorn.

You think I'm kidding?  Try again.

I was really glad that Netflix only has the first 24 episodes of New Girl (Season 1!!)  because I really would've been stuck in my room again.  This time, it was only a day.

Why do I become so obsessed with shows?  Who knows.  I don't even care, but at least I'm not in my room smoking pot or something (side note: I don't want to offend those of you who do sit in your room and smoke pot, but that's just not my thing.  Like I'm a total hippy girl at heart, which is a completely different person than a hippIE but more on that some other time, or never.)

So yeah, I'm totally digging New Girl.  I feel like it's because I totally get Jess.  Seriously though, I'm that ditzy girl who's really innocent and loves polka dots.  She can't say the P word (you know what I'm talkin' about.  Oh, you don't?), I can't say the P yes.  I'm trying to pull myself out of the world of high waisted shorts and Shmidt.

I'm the kind of girl who loves getting lost in a fantasy world (so did that on purpose).  This probably explains why I've always wanted to go into acting, but most likely won't.  There's just some pull about a world with romance, different people, and crazy situations.  You get a whole new experience without actually having to be in that moment.  Like I now know what it's like to share a bathroom with three guys.  And I never had to even live with one of them!

I'm pretty sure my mom thinks I'm super antisocial thanks to the gift she gave me of supplying me with a netflix playing television.  It's seriously the best thing ever.  So yes, I'm currently stuck in the wonderful world of New Girl, but it'll be over as soon as I find the next show I'm dying over.

Oh and Netflixing is a word.  And if it wasn't before, it is now.  It describes what I do: Sit in my room alone, crying and eating popcorn, while watching entire seasons of tv shows without a break.  Netflixing.  It's the new planking.

And while I choose to sit here and tell you all about how antisocial I am, I'm really supposed to be putting on makeup so I can actually go see other people.  My priorities need some serious re-evaluating.

Happy netflixing!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

shine bright like a...pearl?


I've always hated my name.  Despised may be a better choice of words.

It just seemed so bland and everyone in the world and their mothers had the same name as me.  Oh, but mine was super special because it had an H.  Man was I a superstar.

That six letter word has literally given me anxiety attacks my whole life.  I wanted to stand out and be someone special, something special.

Yesterday, I had coffee with a friend (surprise, right?)

We were talking about names.  What names mean, how it can apply to us and who we are.  I've always wanted my name to mean something beautiful and unique.

But Meghan.  It means pearl.  But until yesterday, I had never thought of how a pearl was made.  It starts as a tiny, insignificant grain of sand.  But then the pearl deposits this, velvety, smooth pearlness layer by layer.  Slowly it becomes a beautiful, gorgeous jewel or gem-it's worth more than anyone would even consider paying for sand.  Tons and tons of sand.

But that's just it, people don't sit there and hold a pearl, thinking 'Oh what a beautiful grain of sand.'  People don't look at me and think, 'oh she used to be so insignificant.'

We all started as a grain of sand.  We were rough, unwanted souls before God took us and decided that something needed to change.  He's working on us, on me, changing our ways and making us perfect.  He has made us perfect in his eyes, a pearl.

My name might not be unique or have a cool spelling, but it means something.  I'm a pearl, maybe not to the world, but God sees me as the perfect pearl He's creating.  And that's special.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

hello, my good friend

I can officially say I haven't blogged in years!  Or a year.

Either which way, I'm back!!  I feel like I'm finally over the icky part of life I was in for a really long time.  It's so freeing to know I'm not constantly in a trigger state and I can actually live and love my life.

So I guess you can say this is my new life.  Or my living.  No matter what, I'm me and I'm back-stronger than ever!(:

I've missed you all (or the few who actually chose to READ these crazy things) and I'm seriously so psyched to be back!
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