Monday, October 20, 2014

app of the week: worth-it

I'm launching a new series that I promise I will stick with.  Every Monday, I'll be reviewing my favorite app of late!

This week's app is...

This app is honestly the most amazing thing ever!  I never would have thought of making an app that does this but someone did and it's fabulous.  I've done the painstaking task of checking up on the items I'm in love with and hoping they'll drop a couple bucks (or a hundred...).  This app does it for you!  Search through different shops and choose the items you like in your size and color.  You can then put in what you're willing to pay or select from one of their choices (10%, 30%, etc).  It will actually scour the whole internet until it finds a price low enough to match what you'll pay!

I love this app for keeping an eye on backpacking supplies (cough cough, hiking boots) and Free People goodies.  This app is free in the app store!
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