Sunday, October 19, 2014

top 6 products for red, tired eyes

Raise your hand if you have allergies that make your eyes swell up and turn red!  When I was thirteen my allergist told me I am allergic to nature.  Not just a couple trees, but nature itself.  So I live with red eyes a lot and let's be honest, I cry my fair share which doesn't help anything.  On top of all of that, I'm a senior in high school and it's very normal for me to be up until two or three in the morning studying and doing homework.  This lends itself to very tired, red, dull eyes.

Because of my lovely allergies and lack of sleep, I have a lot of issues trying to brighten my eyes and make them look, well, less icky.  So here are my top 6 products that I use to help combat redness, sleepiness, and swollen eyes!

A couple things to keep in mind before you apply products.  First, try wrapping an ice cube in a paper towel and gently holding it against your eyes for a minute or two.  This will help decrease swelling and redness.  And always, always, always, be drinking water.  I aim for about a gallon a day (my doctor told me this is overkill but I feel so much better the more water I drink.  If you do drink this much, please make sure you're getting enough salt and other minerals.)  Water retention can cause puffy eyes and dark circles so make sure to keep sipping!

Now onto my top 6 products for combatting red, tired eyes!

01: Rodan+Fields Redefine Multi-Funtion Eye Cream
This stuff is amazing!  I'm pretty sure it's meant to help with wrinkles and signs of aging but because my skin is so dry, slathering it on helps keep my eyes from getting red.  It's great for helping with puffy eyes and overall redness.  Because it's a thicker product, I recommend putting it on before eating breakfast or doing your hair and then come back to finish your makeup.

02: Physician's Formula Powder Finish Concealer Stick in Green
I know yellow is normally recommended for covering bluish under-eye circles, but I found that the green works even better!  Not only can you apply this to your lids to help with the redness, but for discoloring under your eyes and even pimples.  This is a pretty heavy concealer so start light.  I use this product under my normal concealer and tinted moisturizer so keep it pretty light-we only want it to help cancel out the colors not necessarily conceal.

03: NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer
If you are looking for a thick, super amazing concealer for a couple bucks, go pick up a pot of this stuff.  Target just started carrying a few NYX products and I had to try this one out.  Because of my scary purple circles under my eyes, I've tried almost every drugstore concealer out there that claims to be heavy duty but none of it measures up to this little pot of magic.  Start with a little amount on your eyelids for discoloration and apply in a triangle under your eyes.  Blend from the center outwards and eye-circles begone!

04: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in shade Yogurt
I am madly in love with these jumbo pencils!  I just bought the shades yogurt and iced mocha and oh my goodness are they worth the $5!  I especially love yogurt because it's a super shimmery, rosy color that brightens up your eyes instantly!  Apply it all over your lid and the inner corners.  Personally, I like to set it with a similar color eyeshadow to prevent creasing.  If you really want to brighten and open up your eyes, try smudging it into the waterline.

05: Eyelash Curler
This thing is super old so I have no idea what brand it is, but any drugstore curler will work!  I rarely use this, to be honest, but I will if my eyes are really puffy.  A curler will help open up your eyes by pushing your eyelashes upwards.  Just crimp it at the bottom and gently press it a couple times on the way up to give it a perfect curl.  (PS. Try heating it up slightly with a blow dryer for a stronger hold but make sure it's not too hot!)

06: Wet and Wild Turn Up the Volume Mascara
This stuff is so fabulous!  The brush is perfect for curling your lashes and giving you a falsies effect.  Make sure you don't apply too much or else you'll end up with heavy, clumpy lashes.  A small amount goes a long way to really open up your eyes.

And there you have it!  My favorite products to help hide tired red eyes.  I'll be honest, I use these products almost daily and they are tried and true.  Let me know what your favorite products are to help combat tired eyes!
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