Saturday, October 29, 2011

according to Greta


One word, one girl, one story.

Greta is an extremely independent girl.  She does what
she wants when she wants, goes where she wants, goes with who she wants, and the list goes on.  This life is easy for her.  She's rebellious.  And suicidal.

That part really put everything into perspective for me.  I got it.  I knew her motives, her intentions.  I knew exactly what she meant.  Greta thought that if she was gone, people's lives would be better.

Greta is a great movie (hehe, get it?) but it has its drawbacks.  Before she dies, she wants to lose her virginity.  Her boyfriend won't sleep with her because he knows she's doing it just so she can cross it off her list of things she wants to do before she dies.  They also makeout, but I honestly don't care.  The girl cusses to the point of it seems like she does it just so people will accept her.  I don't really care about cussing.  Maybe that's my new problem...

The movie is so impacting.  It puts the nitty gritty parts of life out there.  The parts movies don't seem to want to adress anymore.  It's not dramatic or overdone.  It's not sugar coated and girlied out. It might be considered a chick flick, but guys can be just as impacted.  If you've been suicidal or know someone who has, it's really hard to watch.  I'm glad my makeup was waterproof when I watched this.  If you really haven't experienced suicide much or at all, this is also really impacting.  It doesn't make suicide over dramatic or blown up.  It doesn't sugar coat it either and turn it into a fairy tale ending.  In the end, sure she does get some of her problems worked out, but there are ends still loose that just make you wonder.

Greta inspired me in many ways.  First off, I'm back to journaling.  Second, I'm living my life because there's so much more that I haven't experienced that I will get to.  I still have some road left to travel.

I literally just finished watching it.  Then I realized it's 12 at night and my mom is still downstairs playing Things with the singles group.  Let's just say, they all know how to laugh....

Anyways, back to Greta.  If you're okay with cussing (not super heavy, the s-word and the f-word once.  I don't care but some do...) and can take suicide (still a hard subject for me, but I made it with a box of tissues) then go watch this movie.  Now.  It's amazing and the message is so real.

Let's just say, it's one of my favorite movies now.
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