Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween!

Happy halloween! :)

I wish I had an awesome halloween font that I could write this post in.  But alas, it's not happening.  Maybe the ghosts stole it.

Speaking of which, I hate ghosts.

Like I am soooo afraid of them.

More afraid than I am of heights, snakes, and spiders.

Spiders are also part of halloween.  -shivers-

Yep, halloween gives me the shivers, or chills.  Hmm, I never though which one it was...there's something I need to look into...

Anyways, I know a lot of Christians think Halloween is a terrible holiday and it's the devil's holiday, etc.  My mother is one of those people.  I like Halloween.  But only the fun parts. :)  Like the costumes, walking around your neighborhood getting free candy with your friends.  But I hate the creepy parts.  I don't like haunted houses, clowns (don't ask!), spiders, ghosts, witches (though I did dress up as one before...), and all the other creepy stuff you can think of.

What I love about Halloween is you walk around for hours and burn a ton of calories.  So then when you eat candy later, it's like, free calories!! :)

For me, I love the exercise, free candy, and an excuse to dress up!!  And to listen to odd music. :)  (I stole it from Bethany)

Not Alone

I hope ya'll have a fun Halloween!! :)

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