Thursday, October 20, 2011

river deep, mountain high

Yes, I'm in the mountains.  Keystone, to be exact...more or less.  :)  Got here sometime around 8ish?  It was a loooong trip.  But I got a ton of footage for my movie.  It was a really, really awesome ride up.  Actually laughed with my sisters, not at.  But it was looong.  I was going to do a room tour tonight, but I'm bogged down with homework and games that my mom brought.  So tomorrow, I'll have pictures and videos!!!

Oh and I'm working on a surprise for ya'll.  (for some reason, I keep saying that tonight)  It's a halloween surprise.  But that's all you get to know.  Mwehehehehe.  =D

Check back tomorrow for more info, I know this is short, but come back!!! :)
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