Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I become obsessed with tv shows.  Like to the point of I lock myself in my room for days on end watching every episode on netflix while crying in my pajamas and holding a bowl of popcorn.

You think I'm kidding?  Try again.

I was really glad that Netflix only has the first 24 episodes of New Girl (Season 1!!)  because I really would've been stuck in my room again.  This time, it was only a day.

Why do I become so obsessed with shows?  Who knows.  I don't even care, but at least I'm not in my room smoking pot or something (side note: I don't want to offend those of you who do sit in your room and smoke pot, but that's just not my thing.  Like I'm a total hippy girl at heart, which is a completely different person than a hippIE but more on that some other time, or never.)

So yeah, I'm totally digging New Girl.  I feel like it's because I totally get Jess.  Seriously though, I'm that ditzy girl who's really innocent and loves polka dots.  She can't say the P word (you know what I'm talkin' about.  Oh, you don't?), I can't say the P yes.  I'm trying to pull myself out of the world of high waisted shorts and Shmidt.

I'm the kind of girl who loves getting lost in a fantasy world (so did that on purpose).  This probably explains why I've always wanted to go into acting, but most likely won't.  There's just some pull about a world with romance, different people, and crazy situations.  You get a whole new experience without actually having to be in that moment.  Like I now know what it's like to share a bathroom with three guys.  And I never had to even live with one of them!

I'm pretty sure my mom thinks I'm super antisocial thanks to the gift she gave me of supplying me with a netflix playing television.  It's seriously the best thing ever.  So yes, I'm currently stuck in the wonderful world of New Girl, but it'll be over as soon as I find the next show I'm dying over.

Oh and Netflixing is a word.  And if it wasn't before, it is now.  It describes what I do: Sit in my room alone, crying and eating popcorn, while watching entire seasons of tv shows without a break.  Netflixing.  It's the new planking.

And while I choose to sit here and tell you all about how antisocial I am, I'm really supposed to be putting on makeup so I can actually go see other people.  My priorities need some serious re-evaluating.

Happy netflixing!
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