Sunday, December 29, 2013

only you can stop world hunger

Go to your cupboard.

What's in it?

Cereal and bread, some cans and beans.

What about rice?

Rice is a cheap, easy to obtain staple food.  But many, many children and adults are suffering from malnutrition.  Little kids are dying from a lack of food.

Y'know how to solve world hunger?  With food (I'm inserting the video I heard this from).

This is the time for new years resolutions and making changes in our lives.  One of my resolutions this year is to feed at least 365 people.  What?  Meghan, you've lost it.  You're a highschool junior with no income.

It takes 1,000 grains of rice to feed one person for one meal.  7,000 will feed a grown adult for a day.  My goal is to make 1,000 grains of rice a day every day of the week for the rest of 2014.

There is an organization called Free Rice.  You can go to their website and learn vocabulary, SAT words, or another language and for every answer you get correctly, they will donate 10 grains of rice.
 You only have to answer 100 questions correctly to feed someone a meal that they desperatly need.

It's a life-saving trivia game.

I challenge you to join this site (you can play without an account and still donate rice!) and track your progress.  I want to see how many people you can feed this coming year.  We may not be able to visit and feed these needy people ourselves, nor may we be able to donate hundreds of dollars but we can answer some simple english questions or refresh our spanish vocabulary.  Speaking of, if one of your resolutions was to learn a language, work on vocab with Free Rice.  You'll be speaking fluently (they have some crazy words!) and keeping little kid's bellies full.

We all have a computer and a vocabulary, so let's get down to feed the world.

Let's add another New Year's resolution to those of reading more books or losing a couple pounds.  Let's feed the world's bellies.

Comment your user name below and I'll add you as a friend to keep us motivated!

Will you accept this challenge?

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