Saturday, April 5, 2014

life's soundtrack

Music is my entire world.
If you cut my arm, you could hear music bleed from every pumping vein in my body.
When I sleep
When I cry
When I shower
When I read
When I study
When I hurt

I am always listening to the marvelous, wonderful, ever-changing thing called music.

I've never had a favorite song.
But I've always had a life soundtrack.
A soundtrack that grew as I grew.
A soundtrack that changed as I changed.
A soundtrack that hurt
That bled
That cried
As I did.
I could never compile a list of every single song that I've listened to in my life.  But I have always had a soundtrack of my life.  A list of songs that was continuously added too.  Every minute, hour, day, month, of my life.
Here is mine.

Now show me yours.
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