Thursday, May 8, 2014

exams are upon us

I'm a high school student who decided taking the AP route was a smart idea.

I mean, it's great for getting college credit and all but I have since sacrificed my Friday nights and weekends to study, and study hard, for my exams.

This year, I decided I would take two AP classes.  I don't care what anyone says, AP Psychology is actually a hard class and AP Language and Composition may not be a lot of work but it sure as hell is a lot of vocabulary.  (They both are, really)

Monday I took the AP Psych exam and tomorrow I take the AP Lang exam.  For the past month I have been drowning myself in a delicious concoction of tea, flashcards up to my eyes, shots of espresso, study guides, practice tests, more tea and flashcards, and practice essays.

So yes, I am done.

The drawback to AP (one of the few...) is not only do we have AP exams, but we also have finals.  I technically have three finals in psych due to this lovely fact.

Also, I have walking pneumonia so I've only been at school a day an a half this week.  It's Thursday.
This is kind of a Public Servie Announcement.

Due to the fact that it is exams week, finals are coming up in two weeks, and I'm on my death bed, my hair has not been washed in three days, I'm wearing makeup from Tuesday, I haven't worn anything but sweatshirts and shorts, and I'm pretty sure my blood has turned into caffeine.

Because I am so fashion-conscious (see the joke I made there) I googled what to wear during finals week and I was thouroughly frustrated beyond belief.

All these high-end, rich, I'm-here-on-my-daddy's-money girls have decided that it's not okay for anyone to wear uggs, sweatpants, or sweatshirts during exams.

Excuse me, but there are barely enough hours in the day to study and sleep much less put on a pair of jeans (all that wiggling, twerking, and jumping around takes some serious time).


Also, if you think that's awful, do what Teen Vouge suggests and wear something a little more chic.
But please, stop shunning us who wear running shorts, flip-flops, and sweatshirts because that's all we can manage to put on.

(Also, I hate doing laundry, especially during exams, so there is a limited selection for me to choose from)

So yes.

Wear whatever you want during testing, it doesn't matter!
I wish you all happy AP testing, exams, finals week, whatever you're taking!
And here's a cup of coffee from me to you!

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