Friday, September 19, 2014

my new favorite fresh food restaurant-ModMarket

I have now found my favorite restaurant of all time.  ModMarket is this adorable little fresh food café that my mom took me to this afternoon.  They have some great gluten-free and vegan options (yay vegetables!!)  I also just learned that there's one very close to my school, guess who's going to become a regular?  This vegan!
There's not a huge variety of vegan options, but there is a pretty decent amount and they are phenomenal!  I had the Crimini Kale pizza and I ate the entire pizza by myself.  Spicy kale, roasted crimini mushrooms, red onions, fresh tomatoes, and whole wheat pizza was served fresh and hot from their stone oven.  There was hardly enough time for me to take pictures before my stomach couldn't handle the delicious smell and I devoured it.  My last meal will be this pizza.  Promise.

Not only is the café super adorable and bright, but their receipts are so cool!  Printed on each receipt are nutrition facts and a little fun fact about a vegetable or other item on your order.  My mom ordered a salad with sweet potato so they gave us a snippet telling how they contain tons and tons of vitamin A.

ModMarket has ten locations in Colorado, one in Texas, and they're planning four more locations (two in Texas, two in DIA)!  Go check out their website and if you're in the area, stop in for a bite to eat.  It's so amazing and I promise it's totally worth it!

PS:  They have a food blog!!  They have tons of different posts about running a restaurant, living healthy, and all things food!  Go check them out here!
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