Tuesday, August 26, 2014

the best websites for school

Students today have a great advantage, the internet!!  I can honestly say that I wouldn't be able to make it through school without use of the internet.  There is so much it can do and assist us with, you cannot ignore this vital resource!

I used to do school online (middle school and freshman year) and up until then I was homeschooled, so I relied heavily on the internet to learn things and complete my work.  I've compiled and organized a massive list of all my favorite and most helpful resources that I've discovered over the years.  I'll try to keep it updated!

Math forum (a simple site that has practice problems, simple explanations, and other resources)
khan academy (easy to follow videos that quickly explain difficult math and science problems)
mathway.com (enter your problem to get step by step help to solving.  you do have to make a free account)
Algebra Help (it looks super old school when you first open the page, but it has an amazing collection of free calculators, lessons, and worksheets)

TED  (some great videos on science and social topics)
Crash Course (seriously, go watch their videos.  They have the most informational videos on history, science, psychology, even english!)

Crash Course (DO IT)
Norton AP US History (this is an amazing resource if you are taking AP US history and are using the norton book.  Even if you aren't, go check it out.  The chapters also correspond with all the crashcourse videos)
Library of Congress (This is a great website for more than just history classes, but it's great for finding primary sources such as pictures, transcripts, interviews, documents, and more!)
Tiki Toki (This fabulous website allows you to create stunning, I do mean gorgeous, timelines that are super easy to manipulate and organize.  I use this for AP US History.  The one downside is the free version only allows for one timeline but you can upgrade with different packages.)

Purdue OWL (Fun fact: both my parents went to this college!  If you have any english needs, this is the number one website to go to.  It's easy to navigate and full of information.)
Sparknotes (use wisely...I use it to aid my understanding of books I'm reading...use wisely)
Cliff notes (read above)
Paper Rater (I am madly in love with this website.  It's free to upload your paper and get actual advice on it right away.  They rate plagiarism, cliche use, language, and other elements of your paper!  This website has saved my butt on multiple occasions.)
Shmoop (I feel like a lot of people know what this is but it's pretty much a more in depth version of Spark/Cliff notes.  I like this much better than the other alternatives.)
eNotes  (eNotes has a bunch of study guides that are more in depth than Sparknotes or Cliff.  They also have quizzes and eTexts.)

Foreign Languages:
Doulingo (there's also an app!  It's an easy, interactive way to learn a language.  It's totally free and a great way to keep up with your language class.)
LANGUAGE.about.com/od/verb_conjugations  (type the language you're taking where it says LANGUAGE to go to a huge list of conjugated verbs in all the tenses possible)
BBC Languages (This site has a bunch of videos, worksheets, and other resources in a variety of languages!)

Random links that are actually super useful:
Brain pickings (This is one of my favorite websites!  You can learn about the most random things and especially about obscure works of literature and art.  I promise you will leave feeling smarter.)
How stuff works (great information on random workings and fun facts)
Don't know much about
Info Please (This is a great research tool!)
Google Scholar (Easily search through records such as scientific papers, journals, and other scholarly works.  This came in super handy when I had to do a ton of research for AP Psychology.)
Assignment Calculator:  (Use this website if you have no idea when to start writing that ten page paper due in three weeks.)
15 minutes of productivity (I am so in love with these calendars.  Print one out to see how focused and productive you are for just a week.  I personally found myself really inspired to get more motivated and work more effectively.)

I will try to update this as I find more and more resources (obviously some will go out of date *sad face*).  Stay tuned for more back to school posts!!
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