Friday, November 7, 2014

musician of the week: Corey Gray

This is a new series that I'm so excited about!  Music is my life and I am so obsessed with finding new artists that are just starting to make their way into the industry.  So once a week on Friday's I'll be sharing my favorite, indie musician!  Please check them out and give them your support!  Most have music for free download or for a couple bucks.

I'm going to be totally honest, I'm just as in love with him as I am his voice.  He has that kind of buttery, yet raspy sound that just touches you in your heart.  He started off doing covers on youtube (which is where I first found him) but then he began to write and release his own music.  I so wish he had more than nine songs, but I'll take what I can get!

His music is definitely pop, but it sort of has a blues feel to it.  It's very smooth with gorgeous chord progressions and he adds different elements to each song that gives each song a different mood. He has so much talent and he has really grown a lot since his first album was released two years ago.

My all time favorite song by him is Where We're Going.  I cry every time I hear it; the words are so moving and the way he sings makes it even more heart wrenching.  In this version, he stripped it down to just simple piano.  This gives it a raw, real effect.  It's a free download on bandcamp so do yourself a favor and go listen and download and cry on repeat.

He released a four song album, Let Loose, in 2012, my favorite song being You Found My Soul.  This album isn't my favorite collection of his work but there's certainly charm.He has some room for growth in his writing but it's still worth the $5!  Download here!

His newest album is amazing!  Y.O.U features four original new songs.  My favorite is Step Away.  It's one of his slower, more emotional songs.  Those seem to be my favorites by him.  He really shows growth not only in his vocals but also in his songwriting.  He experiments more with the style of music and the instruments.  Download here!

Please support Corey Gray and download his albums!  He gets most of the proceeds (I forgot how bandcamp's payment works) and I know it would really mean a lot if he could get new listeners.  I hope to see you next week when I introduce another of my favorite, lesser-known bands!

Do you have any favorite underground musicians?  Let me know in the comments and I'll check them out!  Have a fantastic weekend!
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