Friday, November 14, 2014

musician of the week: Don't Call it a Comeback

To be honest, I'm not super into all of their music, but I do have some favorite songs!  I think this is a really down to earth group of guys who want to tell their stories to the world.  They are definitely more punk and harder rock than I normally listen to.  I think they try to cram too many words into the lines and end up sounding out of beat with the music.  But they do have good tracks!

My favorite album by them is A Little Bit Softer.  It's an acoustic album and I think it's pretty amazing.  They have some good lyrics and this way you can really hear it and appreciate their work.  My favorite song on this album is probably Most of the Sex in My Life Wasn't as Personal as that Kiss.  It's a little on the 'maybe don't play this around granny or your four year old' but it's so real, raw, and so so good.  My second favorite would have to be About Staying.  Both are amazing songs and have really true lyrics.

Please check this band out!  If you're into punk music, this is definitely a band to check out on bandcamp!

Do you have any favorite underground musicians?  Let me know in the comments and I'll check them out!  Have a fantastic weekend!
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