Tuesday, November 4, 2014

my everyday makeup routine

My everyday makeup is super simple and easy to do because I have a tendency to wake up thirty minutes before I have to leave.  I use products that take a few seconds to apply and take minimal effort.  This is pretty much what I do every single day (I omit eyeliner and eyeshadow if I'm really rushing like in five minutes I need to leave rushing)

First, I use my Elf flat top stippling brush to blend in my Elf tinted moisturizer in the shade nude beige.

I also fill in my eyebrows lightly with the Elf eyebrow kit in the shade medium. I use an Elf angled brush to do this.

I start with swiping my NYX NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer.  I rub it in with an Ulta professional concealer brush.

This step is only a sometimes thing.  If I have time I will apply eyeshadow but recently I've just moved onto eyeliner at this point.  When I wear eyeshadow, I apply my NYX cream eyeshadow pencil in the shade yogurt and iced mocha on my outer v.

I set this with a light pink shadow and a darker matte brown.  I also smudge the brown into my lower lash line.

Most days I just wear eyeliner so I use my Elf black liquid liner to draw a slight cat eye.

Finish off the look with a generous coating of Wet and Wild mega glam mascara.

Because my eye circles are so absolutely dreadful, I have to apply more of the pot concealer.  I also add it to any spots I might have.

I set my concealer under my eyes and my T-Zone with Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder with an Elf Kabuki brush.

And for an extra boost of life (let's be honest right now, I like to look like I got more than three hours of sleep!), I like to swipe a coat of NYC 16-hour smooch proof lip stain in the shade primrose pink.

And there you have it!  It may seem like a lot of products, but I've been doing this look since junior year and I've gotten pretty fast at it.  Like I said in the tutorial, I don't always apply eyeshadow but most days I wear my eyeliner just to give my eyes a bit more life and drama.

Enjoy this picture of me and let me know what your everyday makeup routine looks like!
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