Monday, March 5, 2012

be free

I have a problem where I'm constantly sticking to rules, not changing, and trying to blend in.

Today I realized something: I don't need to blend in.  I'm free to be me.  God made me special and if people don't like what He made, they'll live with being quiet.

I feel like I should be writing this post in the summer or something.  I always associated being free with Pocahontas and summer.

But I am so sick of conforming to who society and the world wants me to be.  I am free to be whoever I'm supposed to be.

God knows who I'm supposed to be.  As long as I'm what He wants me to be, there's nothing wrong with me.  The world will be okay without one more rail thin, straight haired, gorgeous model in this world.

Though it's hard for me to be different, I've always wanted to be different.

I've changed who I am so people will accept me.  I used to straighten my hair all the time because people thought curly hair wasn't pretty.  Whoever they are, really don't know who Taylor Swift is. :)

But honestly, we're all different.  Sure we can try and be carbon copies of everyone else, but we're all different.  No matter how hard we try to be the same, we never can be.  We were meant to be unique and special.

So go be free and have an amazing week :)

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