Monday, March 19, 2012

exciting new stuff!

I apologize for not having written more, I've had a -very- hectic month.

Anyways...something really cool happened tonight and I'm waiting until tomorrow to let y'all know :)

I know, I'm evil.

But, it's because I think I'm going to do a video instead of writing.  The reason is because it's really super personal to me and I'm really excited.  :)

Here's a quicky overview of what I'll talk about:

I bought Seventeen at the grocery store last week and I really like them because they don't fill it with super skinny photoshopped models.  They have real girls with real bodies and real lives.  It's cool :)  My sister was sitting in my room doing homework with me and she look at it and she goes, 'Wow, she's so real.'  (Referring to Jennifer Lawrence)  It was so neat to hear her say that.

So yeah, be expecting a video, if I'm not too tired to film it because I have TCAPs this week. :(

Have a fantastical evening and day tomorrow! :)

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