Sunday, August 10, 2014

celebration Sunday: relax week

This week is a very busy and fun filled week.  I start school on Tuesday...I'm really looking forward to that (I'm only partially joking).  But this week is filled with some great holidays and excuses to celebrate!

1)  Lazy Day-August 10th
That's today!  Have a nice bath, your favorite chocolate, and get cozy with a pair of sweatpants and a good book/movie.  I'm cramming in a couple papers that I put off for a little too long.  Hopefully, we can all have a nice, relaxing day!

2)  National s'mores day-August 10th
While you're relaxing and taking a day off, enjoy a s'more!

3)  National Vinyl Record Day-August 12th
I personally have never owned a vinyl, but oh my goodness I wold love to.  Be prepared for a huge music post on Tuesday!

4)  National Left-Handers Day-August 13th
Tell your favorite lefty (me, for example) that they're super cool and unique!  Did you know that you can actually get a scholarship for college just because you're left handed?  True story.

5)  National Creamsicle Day-August 14th
When I was a little kid, my mom used to let me share one with her.  They bring back so many of my favorite memories!  I'm working on a vegan creamsicle recipe!

6)  National Relaxation Day-August 15th
If you missed today's lazy day (like me...) or you just want another chill day, here it is!  I'm testing a couple different DIY's to help assist you in your relaxation.

7)  Tell a Joke Day-August 16th
Get your knock knock jokes ready!  There's nothing more fun than sharing your favorite jokes!  I'll be posting some of my favorites, tell me yours!

Enjoy this week and if you go back to school, good luck!

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