Sunday, August 3, 2014

celebration Sunday

I'm beginning a new series entitled 'celebration Sunday'. Every week I'll give a list of my favorite, albeit quirky, holidays of the week and ideas for how to celebrate them!  Throughout the week I'll be doing themed posts for each holiday; posts like DIYs and recipes! I'm so excited to begin this series and I even planned out my posts all the way until October!

And without further ado, This week's top 5 holidays!

1) National Friend Day-August 3rd
Send your friends handwritten notes and letters decorated with your own love and creativity. Tell your best friend how much they mean to you and do something nice for them.  

2) Green Peppers Day-August 5th
I love green peppers almost as much as I love broccoli! Today, eat some green peppers! I'll be posting some tasty recipes and toppings for your peppers on Tuesday!

3) Wiggle Your Toes Day-August 6th
Take off your shoes and take a nice, long stroll outside. Feel the different textures under your skin. Walking barefoot brings so many benefits (read my post about barefoot walking here) and tickles our senses. 

4) Root Beer Float Day-August 6th
Whip up a vegan root beer float to savor as you take part in your own barefoot parade!  I'll be posting a recipe on Wednesday for a scrumptious vegan root beer float!

5) Book Lover's Day!-August 9th
This day was made for all you book worms out there! On Saturday, I'll be posting my top 10 favorite books list and a few other book resources!

There's the preview of a week full of holidays! I'm also kicking off my back to school series this week, so stay tuned for lots of new and exciting content!

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