Tuesday, November 1, 2011

guess what's here?

I'm bad at surprises.

Seriously.  I can figure them out really quickly.  I also am bad at not telling a surprise that I came up with.

Well, I didn't really come up with this surprise, per say. (that's how it's spelled right? I keep thinking it's French or something)

I can't take it anymore.

I'm going to burst with excitement.  I'm sure.

Winter is here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well not so much because it's November (which is the best month ever!!).  But today I will listen to Christmas music and hope it snows.

I love winter.  It's one of my favorite seasons!!  And there's so much awesome stuff that comes along with winter that I look forward to all year.

I didn't want to do something where I posted 'my top 10 favorite things about winter', or anything like that.  So I'm just going to ramble on about winter and post some pictures.  Get ready for rambling! :)

I love it when you go to Starbucks on the first of November and they give you the red Christmas cups.  Last year (for reasons I just can't explain) I never got one.  -sniff- Sad, I know.  So this year, on November first, I, Meghan Nelson, will go and get a $2 Pumpkin Spice latte ($2 after 2 at participating locations!) in a Christmas cup!!!

Doesn't looking at that, wonderful, red cup make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?  Yes. It. Does. :)

Ooh, and I also love caroling.  But I've never done it before.  Maybe I should do that this year!!  Anyone wanna go with me??? (also, does anyone know HOW to go caroling??)

And Huskies.  Kind of an odd thing to be bringing up in a blog post, Meghan.  Yes I know.  Don't critisize me!!  I grew up with the sweetest Husky ever and now we have one that is still sweet but he also thinks eating socks is cute.  Yeah, I don't know why he does it.  He's a strange dog...

Oh and I love how people put up Christmas lights.  Not Christmas blowups or Christmas reindeer (got some funny stories about those!) but legit Christmas lights.  The kind that you put along the edge of your roof so it looks like a gram cracker house (speaking of which, why are they called GRAM crackers.  Last time I checked, they weighed more than that!).

I like sooo many things about Winter.  Other than the fact that I freeze the whole time (my toes are losing feeling as we speak, wait, I think since I'm the one writing then it's really as I speak. Hmm....)  I would list more, but I don't think you really want me to list everything I love about Winter because I sorta like it all, so the list goes on and on.  (hey there's a song for that! You'll wonder to yourself, oh where did it all go wrong?  But the list goes on and on.)

Have a great November ya'll!!  Make it even better by buying (hehe by buying, get it?) yourself a nice red cup from Starbucks (oh and don't forget to ask them to put something in it), listen to some Christmas music, go pet a husky (it's so fluffy!!!!), tell me how to go caroling, and put up some Christmas lights.  Maybe not in that exact order...


Have a great November!!!

pics from:
Christmas lights-mine (well it's Sophia's house, but it's my picture:)

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