Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I realized I said I was posting every day for two weeks.  Well that didn't happen...sorry bout that.

I am still having problems coming up with blogging ideas.  So I read articles about what to write about when you can't think of anything to write about!  Haha, I'm sad.  Be quiet now.

Q. What did I write about a year ago?

A. Nothing!  That's right!  The nearest date to now was December 1, 2010.  So we'll use that. XD

Here's my original post:

I know I haven't been posting a lot.  I don't come by too much free time.  Here's the quick story of everything.
1. I'm almost done with the first semester of school (behind I know!) and I plan on working over Christmas break, so I can get done with the second.
2. I have strep throat and I'm currently blaming Danielle.
3. I plan on having a photoshoot with bethany and Heather some time soon.  I had to cancel the last one thanks to strep thanks to Danielle.
4.  I did a shoot with Sophia a while back and if you go to my photo blog you can watch the movie.
5.  I made a movie with Sophia in it, (4.)
6. My dad's a dummy and he's a jerk.  I'm having to spend Christmas with him.  GOD TAKE ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. I might be able to get out of 6.
8. Elizbeth's being a meany.  Please pray that she's nice.
9.  Elizabeth's trying to break Bethany
10.  White Collar doesn't come back on until january. :[
11. We were givin hacking rights by a lady from an auto transportation company
12.  My mother bought a minivan.  :(
13.  Right when I can drive my mother's truck and not die, she sells it
14.  It's not sold yet, so I can still crash.
15.  I'm going to have to learn to drive in a minivan
16.  Not even Bethany is learning with the big van
17.  I'm getting sick and tired of being sick and tired
18. I'm not contageuos.  -ACHOOO-  You're not sick!!!
19.  Anyone getting bored?
20.  I've read 14k pages in two days.
21.  I had to right 21 so I could have a list that wasn't 20 things, it was 21.  :D  You know you love me!
22.  MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!  I lied,  there's 22 things!!!! My toes cramp up if I stand on them.

Yeah.  Pretty interesting.


I didn't actually have to go see him that year. :)  White Collar isn't coming back until January.  That makes me sad.  My mother still has her mini van and I did learn how to drive it, thank you very much. (gah!  I hate that thing!)  I don't feel like reading 14k pages of a book(s?) right now.  Haha, thanks anways.  Elizabeth still is a meany but she gave up trying to break Bethany.  I haven't done a real shoot since then.  I tried, but I had to use my sad point and shoot 'cause our camera got a booboo (multiple, actually) and was getting fixed.  I never did get around to the one with Bethany...

Wow...I used to think my life was so darn interesting. :)  Now it's just thrilling.


Yes, really.

You're an odd person, you know that?

Oh, shut up!  I'm not odd.  That's mean.  You're turning into Elizabeth.

Now that right there is mean!

Well, it's the truth.

Says who?

Says  me!  That's who!

Ugh, you're hopeless.

I take that as a comliment.

Sure you do...

Whoa...O_o  I just had an argument with myself.  I've been told I do that a lot....

Okay, moving on now.

I'm actually trying to come up with some good topics other than that up there ^

I think I shall leave you now, with that scary image of me arguing with myself imprinted in your brain.
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