Tuesday, February 14, 2012

will you be my valentine?

I've never liked Valentine's day.

Hear me out, pretty please?

It's a just an excuse for guys to say they love you and to hide their feelings behind pink and red cards.

I find it pointless.  And depressing.

I've never gotten a Valentine from anyone unrelated to me.  It's kinda dissapointing.

Don't blame it on my home school life.  :)

Anyways....this is going to be a short blog today.  I'm trying to type quickly so I can go drink my fancy hot chocolate while watching The Notebook.

So while y'all who are lucky to have someone real special to celebrate this random, pointless holiday with, I will be watching The Notebook and drinking my hot chocolate with Christmas sprinkles on it.

Also, my mommy got me flowers :)

One thing I keep reminding myself is that I'm only a teenager and I really don't need a boyfriend, I simply need to know that God loves me and he will constantly love me.  Not just on Valentine's day.

I might expand on this topic tomorrow.  You never know....

I hope y'all had a fantastic day, and remember God made you special and he loves you very much.  Goodbye! =D

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