Tuesday, July 8, 2014

crazy comes out when no one's home

I used to be homeschooled so I got used to being alone.  Though it sometimes it can get depressing, there is quite a list of things I have a tendency to do when no one's looking.

I honestly was thinking about if other people do the stupid things I do.  So here's my list of what I do when no one's looking...let me know what you do!

01;;  Sing.  Really loudly.

02;; Watch tv.  Really loudly (I do everything loudly when I'm home alone)

03;;  Dance around to my loud music in my underwear.

04;;  I bake.  A lot.

05;;  Write songs.  A lot of songs.  And I scream them.  A lot.

06;; Shave my legs...don't ask me why.

07;;  Tan

It's a short list, but it gives you a little peek into my life when I'm alone.

There's something about being alone with yourself that changes the way you think.  I seem to be much nicer after a few hours, or days, alone.  It's cleansing and satisfying.
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