Friday, November 4, 2011


I have no idea what happened.  I swear they just got up and walked away.  Why would they do that to me?  I treated them so nicely!  Well, most of them.  I can't believe they would just abandon me like that.  Especially when I needed them the most!

Oh, I'm guessing you want to know what I'm talking about.  By 'they' I mean my ideas.  I'm completely serious.  Like I keep coming up with good ideas for blogging topics (for some reason, I always come up with them AFTER I've blogged for the day) and then forgetting them!


by ~Astrosentience

The ideas are gone
I don't know where they went
Each time I look for one
None are found
I sit and think all day
And then I lose time as well
Everything is slipping away
I haven't a clue where it all goes
Maybe I put them someplace safe
But I can't imagine where

If you can't tell, I'm kind of missing my ideas right now.  It's very depressing.  In fact, I'm very sad.  (I think I said this already...)

Here's something I wrote to Paul one night (Well, technically it was morning), and we were waiting to get slap happy (or high of sleep depravation as he calls it) and so we were trying to confuse each other. Now this applies well to my sad situation.

"my thoughts aren't atoms so technically my thoughts are my own though i am atoms so am I a thought?"

If you want to get super, super technical (which I think was my goal here), than it's not really about my thoughts, or losing them for that matter.  But I am a thought!  And can thoughts have ideas?  Or is a thought an idea and an idea a thought so in essense, I am both?

Now you have experianced what happens to me when I have no ideas.  I sort of ramble on and on about things that don't really make much sense except to me.  So I apologize greatly for my troubled mind. :)

So since I am currently idealess (and I kind of told Danielle I would blog everyday...), you get to come up with ideas for me!!  Let me know what you want me to blog about.  I might just do it.  Or I'll go looking for my ideas.  But that sounds like a lot of work, so you can do the work for me!!  I'd much prefer you find my ideas, but I don't have a clue as to where they went!  If I haven't confused you already, you are now smart enough to come up with ideas for me!  :)  (oh PS, if anyone actually does come up with an idea for me to use, I'll credit you :)

Well, thanks for listening to my insanity.  Maybe I'll come up with a good idea and there won't be so many blocks of text. XD If you made it this far, congrats and good bye!! :)

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