Tuesday, November 8, 2011

random ramblings of meghan nelson

I really hate putting people through my ramblings, but sometimes I say interesting and smart things when I ramble.

I said sometimes.

So first off, the post about project, uh, awesome, (haha) is renamed to Project Greta.  Ooh, I just thought I could name it Project Great.  Hmm...

I warned you I would ramble. :)

For Project Greta (or Great, who knows?) I thought 'hey, why don't you make your own sketchbook?'

Well I haven't started yet.  XD  I'm mainly debating over what paper to use.  :)  And I'm sort of afraid to start... I would use one I already have but I've either half used them or entirely used them. :/

There's that ramble.

Oh, and now I am the happy owner of an empty Christmas Cup!!!!!! =D  I'm very excited.  

Why an empty cup? You ask?  Because I can keep it forever.  Duh.  :)

Hmm, I just had a thought that if everyone in the world owned a Ferrari, they wouldn't be awesome anymore.  They'd just be common.

Wow.  I just reread that and realized how stupidly random that was.  I'm ashamed. -hangshead-

Okay, done with that...

Here's another weird thought I had.  What if Smarties actually make you smarter???  Because I love them and once I ate a ton of them and I felt smarter.  And gross.  But that's just 'cause I ate a lot. :)

I'm starting to think I accomplish nothing and say nothing interesting or smart (no matter how many Smarties I eat) whilest rambling.  Is whilest a word?  If it's not, can it be a word?

Hum de dum de dum de dum...  I guess I should leave now as seeing I'm accomplishing nothing.  But here's one thing I will leave you with:

Eat more Smarties!!!!! :)

(just don't blame me if your teeth fall out and you get a bagillion [is THAT a word??] cavities.  I never told you that you shouldn't brush your teeth!!!)

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