Sunday, January 15, 2012

confessions, obsessions

So I like to go back and read my old blog posts to see how I've changed my writing styles and how I've evolved as a person.  But I read some of my more recent (recent old posts??) posts last night and it got me thinking.

I decided to make a post of confessions and dreams of mine.  I have a lot of odd quirks about me and things that are nothing but weird.  Yes, I'm admitting I'm slightly perplexing.  My best friend wears off on me.  :)

Let's get started, shall we?

1. I don't like pie
Call me a hater, but I'm serious.  Thanks gluten allergy.  Like, I like apple pie and pumpkin pie, but only in tensy tiny proportions.  Yus, I'm not the average Joe.  That's because I'm not a Joe!! :)

2. I like toothpaste
It's not like I'll eat it straight from the tube or anything, but I swear I could stand all day and brush my teeth.  Maybe it has something to do with my perfectionism.....But all that wonderful mint goodness...aaaahhh. :)

3. People say things that bring you to your knees
Thanks Taylor, awesome lyrics. :)  But I just wish they'd keep that stuff in their minds.  How is this a confession, dream, or an quirk?  It makes me sad when I hear people rip on each other or on me.  So yeah, more of an 'I'm emotional and I'm tired' thing.

4. I wanna be a rockstar
Yes, I will be using song lyrics as my titles. :)  But I wanna be a country singer.  Haha, call me crazy, insane, lunitatic (and I do make my own words up!) or whatever else you can think of, but all you are is mean.

5. I cry myself to sleep.
I'll be strong, I'll keep carrying on, because I know this ain't the end.  No, it ain't the end.

6. I like Taylor Swift
If you hadn't noticed that before, than you may need some medical attention.  Hate on her to your heart's content, but I really like her and her music.  She's one of my role models and for good reasons.  She's a strong, confident, young lady who knows that she is millions of people's role model and she said that she wakes up everyday knowing that.  She's going to keep a good reputation because she knows that she affects people's lives.  AND she's doing it in a good way.

7. I lie
Every morning, I put on my face.  The one that's gonna get me through another day.

8. I really like these thingimajiggers ()
I think they're called parenthesis.  Just warning you, it's early and I'm tired.  Also, I'm slightly obsessing over how they look like smile lines ( )

9.  Babysitting
Not my fave job ever, but it pays.  Yeah so that's a quirk, I'm a teenager who doesn't like baby-sitting.  But sometimes the kids are really cute.  Like babies. :) (Ps. This adorable baby stole this expression from my sister who totally owns the copyright...ask my mom...:)

10. I struggle...
with writing this post.  I said these were confessions and dreams.  Oh and quirks.  But they just sort of seem to be random things about me.  Haha, I fail at writing about my own topic.  Wow.  I'm special.  (yes, I did just call myself special, 'cause I'm special (probably not the kind of special you think I'm talking about (yes, I actually am that confusing)))

12.  Cold
I'm used to the cold because I lived in Wisconsin and Illinois and Ohio, but I have hypothyroidism so my temperatures tend to be off.  So like, today didn't seem cold to me, but I was cold all day.  Make sense?  I didn't think so...

13. I'm addicted to washing my hair
I'm completely serious.  I always freak out if it smells even remotely weird (to me, that means it doesn't smell like shampoo...) or if something gets in it or anything like that.  Don't tell me it's bad for me....I know that.  I'm trying very hard to break that habit, but to no avail.  During the summer, I would shower ever day and wash my hair at least twice.  No lie.  I've washed my hair three time in a day before.  I think I might have actually washed it four times...

14. I hate my glasses
I wil not be seen in public with them.  I know I used to wear them all the time, but in the past two years, no one has seen me in them.  I could count on one hand how many people not related to me who have seen my in my glasses before.  Yep, I'm legit. (oh and if I looked as cute as this puppy in my glasses, I'd totally wear them more)

15. Lipstick
I hate that stuff!  I've owned three my whole life.  I haven't even used half of each.  I'm not a huge fan of lipgloss either.  But kill me before you make me wear lipstick. (Ps. I love these coffee cups. (though, when I get married, I highly doubt he'll have a mustache that looks like that. :))

16. Oy, Joy
I know what you're thinking.  Say whaaaa???  Yes.  It's a book you've probably never heard of.  It's really good though.  And I think I've read it over a hundred times.  I got it when I was like, ten or something.  I kinda stopped counting after forty.

17. 11. 13. 199.
I have to stop and take a picture whenever I see one of these numbers.  They're my favorite/lucky numbers.  So yes, I have three lucky numbers and yes, I stop and take pictures whenever I see them.  Expect a blog post!!!!!  (on the last picture, I tried really really hard to get it to be 11:11:11 but then my computer froze. grrrrr...)

18.  Washing, washing, washing, washing, oh look, she's washing again!
I'll admit, I have a slight obsession with washing my clothes.  It's like washing my hair, only I do this like three times a week instead of three times a day (one few occasions, gosh!).  I think I like washing things...

19.  Brushing, brushing, brushing, brushing, brushing, brushing, oh wait, brushing, brushing, stop!
I guess this kinda applies to number 2....but I also brush my teeth obsessively.  I have no idea why.  I'm starting to get the impression that I have a cleaning obsession.  Though my room is cluttered.....(Ps. This is a cute picture....just sayin'...I mean, if you've ever tried to brush your cats teeth you know how difficult it is...very....very....difficult...)

20.  I eat really late at night
I don't know why I do, but I do.  I can't help it because  I get so hungry right at like 10 so I end up eating something.  I don't get hungry before that but then when I'm read to go to bed and I have to eat something. :(  quite sad I know.          

I would say I hope you've learned somethin' new about me, but I'm not sure if you actually wanted to know any of that stuff about me.  It's all very, very, very random quirks and oddities I have accumulated throughout my life.  So yes, please have a fantastic rest your Sunday (all 8 minutes of it)! :)

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