Tuesday, January 17, 2012

walk me down the middle

If y'all hadn't noticed, I have a slight (or major) obsession with country music.  It's my favorite genre so I will constantly listen to it.  And recently my obsession has been with The Band Perry (don't worry, I still love Taylor Swift, I'm just trying to branch out a little :).  I've had their song If I die Young for a while but just recently got their entire album.  And I'm in love with it!

My favorite song from their album is Walk Me Down the Middle.  For some reason I love this song.  I can't necessarily say it holds a ton of meaning to my life, but it's sort of how I always feel when I really like a guy.  Where you just want him to notice you and realize that he likes you too.  But sometimes it just doesn't work out like that.  Too bad, it would make every day a fairy tale (I told you I wasn't over Taylor Swift).

I love this song and I want it played at my wedding.  I swear I have lists of songs to be played at my wedding and my funeral.  Yes, I do plan ahead.  Very, very, far ahead.  :)  But hey, I can wish, right?

This turned out waaay more mushy than I had expected. -.-

Oh and I learned something today.  So I say 'y'all' sometimes if I'm really tired or not watching what I say.  (this makes no logical sense because I've never lived in the South though I have family from Kentucky so that might be part of it....still...).  But I always spelled it like 'ya'll'.  Apparently I'm wrong.  -gasp- Happens a lot, actually....

Anyways, I guess it's spelled y'all so now I feel very bad at spelling.  Which is insane because I'm failing at spelling country slang.  Greaaat..... :)

So now I shall leave y'all alone...hope you now know what to play at my wedding and how to correctly spell slang. :) And yes, I did just pretend to be English and Country in the same sentence, thanks for noticing. :)

Ta-ta! =D

(Ps: I failed at picking one picture so here they all are :)

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