Wednesday, January 25, 2012

confessions of a funny girl part 1

I stole this Bethany.  :)  I ran out of ideas for blog posts so I'm living off of hers. =D

Here's my confession:
I'm a Gleek.

I know.  You've probably already got a list of reasons why it's such a bad show going through your head right now.  But I like it.

Glee is really honestly a waste of my time.  So is most of the TV we watch anyways.  But it's so awesome because of the music.  I'm a music fanatic, geek, addict, and lover.  I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift and country music and Glee gives me plenty of music.  

They've also made me cry.

In S1 Ep16, they talked about eating disorders, self image problems, and everything surrounding it.  I remember bawling my eyes out and wishing the episode would just end.  Yes, I know I could've turned it off.  But where's the fun in that?? 

Something about that show is really cool.  They talk about accepting the different and trying to change the world.  It's about music and life.  The real problems we all have.

One of the songs they did was a Bruno Mars song, Just the Way You Are.  My best friend likes to constantly sing that to me, which gets odd because she's a girl and I've banned her from singing the second verse. :)  

Some of the Glee episodes I really am not super thrilled with, but most of them I really like.  So many times have they hit home with their problems.  Some of them have troubles accepting who they are, we watch as those same characters become cocky self absorbed divas.  Or visa versa.  We watch as the head cheerleader makes a huge mistakes and gets pregnant by her boyfriends best friend.  She suffers the consequences.  It's not a show where they can do whatever they want and nothing bad happens to them.

I'll admit, I really, really, don't like Lea Michelle's character.  She drives me insane.  Her voice is annoying, and honestly, I don't think her singing voice is much better.  Sure she can hit all of those high notes and stuff but when you sound like a six-year-old violinist (I've been a six-year-old violinist, I know what it sounds like) and squeaking all the time, you get annoyed.  The other character's constantly gripe and groan about how her character gets all of the solos but yet, the producers still let her sing everything.

They did a religious-ish episode once, and it wasn't my favorite but it was funny.  They did stress their faith and Christianity, but at the same time, some characters made fun of it and said that if all of this bad stuff had happened to them and their family, then how can God be real?  

They did sing my song on that show so I'm now a bigger fan.  I mean, how many shows in this day and age sing Sweet Caroline?  Exactly... :)

So other than Rachel, a few of the other characters, and the religion episode, I'm pretty happy with it.

I'm going to end this post that has now gotten out of hand.  :)  I hope you all have a fantastic day and God bless :)

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