Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my life on a memory card

That's my blog.

Well, my other blog.

It's a secret blog.

Not really.

Just a not popular blog.

Very not popular.

Anyways, it's my photography blog.  But I don't ever post anything on it.


It's been over a year, I think.

But I still take pictures so I figured I might as well move it.  Sort of.  I'm just going to post my pictures on here, probably with the title 'my life on a memory card.'  Yes, I am so creative.  Bask in the creativeness. :)

Sooo, that means I'm deleting my life on a memory card.  I'm sort of sad about it so I'm leaving it up for another week.  Even though I never post on it, I still am sad.  Don't call me weird, I have my reasons.  Actually, I don't....  Right before it dies, go look at it.  I'll probably repost some pictures over here, but don't count on it.  -tear-

My announcement was short.  And slightly unimportant.  But look at pictures now. :)  They's all mine :)

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