Tuesday, January 3, 2012

short pants and ice cream

My pajama pants are too short.

It makes me sad.

I just got them for Christmas and they come almost halfway up my calf.  But they are sooo comfortable.  And you know what the best part is???  They're reversable!!!!! =D  Once I grow again (see ya all next week! :) I think I might cut them into shorts.  'Cause they're that awesome! =D

I actually ate ice cream today -gasp- and all I could think about was Graeter's.

Best.  Ice.  Cream.  EVER.

It's located in.....wait for iiiiiiit (PSYCH!!).....Ohio!!! :)  I know right?  Waaay out there.  Sooo hard to get to there.  Haha, but I love it!!  They'll ship it to you!  I'm serious. :)  My favorite flavor eva' is Black Raspberry Chip.  And I hate raspberries.  :)  But it's soooo good!!  I would seriously pay hundreds of moneys right now just to get it.  My vanilla ice cream was boring....I kept trying to pretend that I was eating Black Raspberry Chip....yeah, that doesn't work too well....

Look....and drool.....

now close your mouth....grab a towel....and wipe of that now disgusting keyboard =D

All of their ice cream that has chocolate 'chips' in them, is not true.  Because they don't put just any ol' chocolate chips in there....they put chocolate chunks!!!  It's amazing!! =D

I'm not even hungry right now...believe it or not.

Okay....I now don't have much to say....so I think I shall leave you and go exercise.  Yesh, looking at ice cream makes me feel fat so I shall now go do some situps.  :)

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